About Us?

Reel Alüminyum

Reel Aluminyum has started production in Gebze in 2001.
Since the first years of foundation our company has set a target to respond to the needs of its customers, production continued growing day by day and increasing its capacity.
By offering product diversity in the foreground, it has offered a high level service on aluminyum profile and has become a brand preferred by many institutions and organizations.
Our products are manufactured with care by our highly professionnal, experienced and dynamic staff in our 3000 m² factory
Our production factory has been opened with an integrated production potential where the latest technology is used ; it is equipped with extrusion unit, molding, mechanical process, paint unit.
With a short period of growing, our company has reached the capacity to respond to market needs and has a wide range of products which number exceeds thousands.
The main reason why our product range is so wide ; is the success of our development and research department which develop new products that target consumer and market needs.
During the production and as well as marketing phase, our products are marketed successfully both in Turkey and abroad with its highly experienced and dynamic staff.